J. Lo wore an outfit with nothing underneath, and it’s very noticeable

It is obvious that J. Lo wore nothing below the garment.

Jennifer Lopez once more makes a stunning exit!

The Hollywood beauty recently made an appearance at a private event. Since journalists were not invited, the singer made the decision to capture a picture of her bow on her own.

For the evening, Jenny sported a chic outfit consisting of a skirt and a crop top. The artist added a leather jacket on top that was even shorter than the top. It all appeared as this.

At the Grammys, Jennifer Lopez lost her cool with her husband, actor Ben Affleck, since he was bored and couldn’t conceal it. And at this point, the experienced lip reader even understood exactly what she was saying. The Daily Mail covers it.

Many celebrities came together Friday night in Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards presentation. Naturally, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were also there. J. Lo even added her signature to the post about their presence.

“The best time with my beloved,” Affleck said, but as usual, he was utterly bored.

How long do we have to remain, Babe?

Jen: As I promised, soon Queen B starts singing, we’ll leave.
Ben: Say it again.

Lopez pulled him down during the ceremony and gave a harsh rebuke, proving that his emotions had not been kept a secret for her.

When the singer’s spouse started to squirm, grow bored, and try to say something in her ear, an expert at reading lips was able to identify exactly what she said to him.

“Stop, be more approachable! Try to look motivated!” Ben Affleck heard from Jennifer Lopez. He finally obeyed, sitting up straight and making an effort to seem as instructed.

But not too successfully, as images of his bored look have already gained widespread popularity on social media. Additionally, when Jennifer and Ben learned that their small altercation was being recorded, they appeared to be embarrassed.

Those who were watching this moment on TikTok quipped that Jennifer Garner, Affleck’s ex-wife, was enjoying popcorn at home and was thinking to herself, “Honey, now he’s your problem.”

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