Italy is offering people $15,000 to move to Sardinia and counteract the declining population

Been fancying moving to a new region, have you? Then this might be the opportunity you were waiting for.

It’s all about Sardinia, Italy. As of 2020, the population there is only 1.6 million people. Unbelievable, right?

Italy is now giving people incentives to move to Sardinia to counteract the declining population.


But you’ll want to keep reading for all the details. I’ll just tell you right now that it’s not as simple as it sounds.

First things first, Italy says they’ll pay you over $15,000 if you make the move to Sardinia.


Sardinia’s culture and population are in decline like I mentioned earlier. There’s too much value in that to lose, so the Italian government is spending a great deal of money to fix the problem.

The $15,000 in the form of a grant comes with several conditions, unsurprisingly.

What, you thought you’d just get a small apartment in Sardinia and spend the rest of that money? Well, sorry to disappoint you. That’s not how this deal is supposed to work.

You are legally obligated to only spend that money on housing and necessities.


That, and you have to be really sure that you’re okay with moving to a place with such a small population. No big cities here!

This is no short vacation you can take. So you’d better be sure you really want to do it if you sign up.

One of the more important stipulations is this: the move is permanent.

“There can be no growth without a real enhancement of the territories, of the internal areas and of the most disadvantaged ones, which must necessarily pass through new territorial repopulation policies.” – said Christian Solinas, president of Sardinia

The moment you sign up, you’ve got to register your residence there within 18 months of arriving.


It’s all part of Italy’s plan to turn Sardinia into a more lively region than it currently is.

If enough people get on board with it, they might start up small businesses and increase the value of Sardinian land.


And all of that goes to boosting the Sardinian economy. That makes sense, right?

“This measure, combined with the other measures implemented by the council such as the birth bonus and economic measures to increase the competitiveness of small municipalities, will help to give a future to the whole of Sardinia”. – said Aldo Salaris, councilor for public works

Sardinia is a pretty place, after all. Large areas of it are untouched and boast gorgeous mountains and valleys.

For being the second largest island in the Mediterranean, it is pretty ironic that it has such a small population.

There are small cities with more people than that! To think that this


If by chance you are certain you want to make the move, then you’ve got plenty of natural beauty waiting for you there.

It’s a big project on Italy’s part, costing them 45 million euros. Maybe it’ll pay off.


Who knows? Maybe a couple of decades from now, Sardinia will be a bustling, developed nation and we’ll be the ones signing up to visit.

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