Introducing… Primrose (aka Prim) and Petra!⁣ ⁣ These two precious little girls were surrendered to a local county shelter and were set to be euthanized by the end of the day.

Introducing… Primrose (aka Prim) and Petra!⁣

These two precious little girls were surrendered to a local county shelter and were set to be euthanized by the end of the day. Thankfully, they were picked up just in time (thanks @livelongandfostercats!) and are now enrolled in our Kitten College program.⁣

Prim is around 2 weeks of age. Petra is at least a week older. Both are as sweet as can be but they were definitely a pitiful sight when they first arrived – gunky eyes, running noses, and dirty fur. Prim was the worse off of the two and malnourished to boot. She received subq fluids, Pen G, and B12 yesterday (thanks @catsandfrittatas!) and we also tube fed both girls since their congestion was making bottle latching difficult. They are currently on eye meds and antibiotics and I’m doing warm compresses every feeding. Both are responding wonderfully to all the treatments. They are eating on their own again, gaining weight, and are already starting to look better! ⁣

I’m very grateful these girls were given a second chance. The phrase “Fostering Saves Lives” isn’t just a nice saying or a catchy hashtag – when it comes to the most vulnerable population in animal shelters, it’s literally and heartbreakingly true. It’s your donations that make this life-saving work possible. It’s why Prim and Petra are still here with us today, safe and sound in their snug incubator. So thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our annual fundraiser so far. If you haven’t had a chance yet, there’s still time to help – click the link in my bio to learn more.⁣

And now, let’s watch these babies bloom. @our_fostering_tails said.


P is for Princesses

My little Primrose…

Feeding times with Prim have been a struggle. Each time, she scrabbles fiercely at the bottle with both of her paws and has a lot of difficulty latching. When she finally does get a good hold on the nipple, she will either clench her jaw and refuse to suckle or else suckle but only take a few short sips before turning away. This process is repeated until she finally gets enough. It’s time-consuming and a bit frustrating on both our ends, but we’re working through it – with lots of practice and even more patience. I love this tiny flower so so much but I definitely won’t be sad when we make it out on the other side of this stage! @our_fostering_tails said.

Starting the day in a lovely way 😋 @our_fostering_tails said.

Sip, sip hooray! For the last few feedings, Primrose has been able to latch well and actually drink enough from the bottle! I’m so proud of her for finally figuring this out. Hopefully her days of being tube fed are almost done. Keep it up, rose bud! @our_fostering_tails said.

Happy 3 Weeks to Prim!! @our_fostering_tails said.

Happy 5 Weeks to Petra!! @our_fostering_tails said.

“This is my baby sis and I love her” @our_fostering_tails said.

According to comments on my recent posts, I have not been posting nearly enough of Prim to satisfy. So just for you, here is Princess Primrose in all her mousy glory!


She’s growing, although very, very slowly. Feeding her has not gotten any easier and she still needs the occasional tube meal to make sure she is getting enough overall. She feels more fragile than she should at this age and Philomena – who is a bit younger than she is – has caught up and surpassed her in size. But Prim’s a very happy and determined little thing. She’s got great energy. She loves to climb to the top of the cave bed or scramble into your lap. When she’s hungry, she’ll position herself in the middle of the pen, throw back her tiny head, and send up a chorus of squeaky meows to the sky. (See my Stories for a video). She’s preciousness itself and I couldn’t love her more. @our_fostering_tails said.


Princess Petra the Perky is pleasantly plump, pretty as a picture, and perfectly packed with a playful personality!

Challenge: comment below with only words starting with P 😜 @our_fostering_tails said.

MOUSE. HOUSE. ⁣Mouse on house. ⁣ @our_fostering_tails said.

When you get a good look at your sister and realize one of you must have been adopted 😮 @our_fostering_tails said.

Happy 4 Weeks to Prim!!

⁣This rosebud is petite and perfect in every way. Her growth and development is much slower than her sisters but some flowers take their sweet time blooming. And we’re okay with that. @our_fostering_tails said.

Happy 6 Weeks to Petra!!

This fuzzy darling is infectiously joyful and endlessly curious. She loves her supervised playtime with her big brothers and has a huge crush on Kolbe! @our_fostering_tails said.

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