Inside Jay Leno and his wife’s marriage: a happy couple that’s been in love for over 40 years

There are a few celebrities who have had successful marriages that reach beyond decades.

One of the lucky few is comedian and television broadcaster, Jay Leno.

Jay and Mavis Leno are married for 42 years.

They met in the 1970s when comedy clubs were a big hit at the time.

Jay Leno was attending one of the events in these clubs when she noticed one woman who was also in the same show.

Mavis, on the other hand, went to the club to be inspired by a comedy she was writing.

She wanted to get some ideas and she knew she had to learn from them first hand so she decided to accept her friend’s invitation to see the show that particular night.


Jay was one of the performers and Mavis was looking for someone to talk to about her comedy project.

It was going to be a series of visits for Mavis, and she was able to grab a front-row seat with her friends on that same night. Jay was performing a skit that day, too.


After Jay’s performance, Mavis went to the washroom and found Jay after that.

It was unbelievable for her that the comedian recognized her as one of the ladies in front.

Mavis did not know this, but Jay had always been associated with ladies who were born on September 5.

Strange as it may seem, Jay found the urge to ask Mavis about her birthday. And guess what, her birthday is September 5!

It was the first time they laid eyes on each other.

That day was the start of many and as they spent more time together, the two found themselves falling in love with one another.

Finally, the two decided to tie the knot despite Mavis’ initial take on marriage and her being a feminist.

She was having financial difficulties at the time, while Jay had a fantastic insurance policy.

He knew that for her to benefit from it, the two of them had to be married.

Mavis reconsidered their situation and her mindset when it comes to marriage.

She always considered herself a “voyager”, but eventually, she found that marrying Jay was the peace and bliss that she was always in search of.


Jay did not have a ring when he proposed to Mavis.

The comedian and TV personality had just bought a house, which made it difficult for him to buy a ring for his marriage proposal.

This was not an issue with Mavis at all, and besides, she claimed that she would never force him into buying such expensive jewelry after investing in a property.


After a decade, the ring finally showed up on Mavis’ finger when she showed off a beautiful diamond ring in an interview with LA Times. That same year, the couple held a private celebration with their families and close friends on the same day Jay’s parents married.

After 42 years of being together, the couple is still strong in their vowed union and they remain to be an inspiration.


Mavis claims that she is accountable for their decision not to have children. The couple is clearly smitten with each other even after more than four decades of marriage, and counting!

Hear more about the Lenos’ 42-year love story in the video below.

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