In The Rain, A Security Officer Was Applauded For Shielding A Dog With An Umbrella

In Giffnock, Scotland (UK), a security guard at a grocery chain was honored for a heroic gesture. Ethan Dearman was caught carrying an umbrella over a dog outside of shops to shield him from the rain while working outside the businesses.

Mel Gracie, a tattoo artist from Glasgow who was there at the time, decided to capture the man’s actions and shared the image to her Twitter account with the caption:

“ Applause for this @Morrisons security guard who is keeping this lovely youngster dry. You never know how dogs feel when it’s raining.’

A dog is shielded from the rain by a security officer.

The post received a lot of attention, as it rapidly accumulated over 19,000 retweets and 146,000 likes. Users on the social media platform complimented the guardian’s actions with Freddy, a golden retriever, and said he deserved commendation for his kind attitude to the pet.


According to a representative for Morrisons grocery company, LADbible:

“We have provided 9,000 Morrisons umbrellas to keep our customers and their pets dry this week since it is likely to be a wet week.” It’s encouraging to see that this is already taking place in our Giffnock shop.”

When Ethan viewed his photo and saw how popular his gesture had become, he posted it on Twitter and included a comment:


I didn’t expect to become popular on Twitter that quickly. “I knew I was making people laugh, but this is a whole other level, lol.”

When Freddy’s father, David Cherry, saw the photograph outside the store on his Twitter account, he learned about what had transpired and expressed his gratitude to Ethan.

We all hope Ethan’s action serves as an example to follow, Mel said in response to his post of the sweet incident, “We all hope Ethan’s behavior serves as an example to follow.”


“He constantly engages in conversation with clients in line, which is great, especially given how lonely some people may be. I posted this in the hopes that Morrisons would notice a staff member’s nice deed, but I had no clue it would travel so far!

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