In a rare public appearance with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves appears positively radiant.

Actor Keanu Reeves has long been considered to be a matinee idol and a dream boy for many admirers. The only lady making him happy right now is artist Alexandra Grant, even if we all want to be his girlfriend in real life.

Regarding their relationship, Keanu and Alexandra keep a very low profile.
People are clamoring for more information on them because there are so few pictures of them together. Thankfully, there is a picture of the two together from a red carpet event!

Keanu and Alexandra may be seen grinning broadly in the photo. Even Alexandra has cocked her head back in amusement. Her eyes were closed as she laughed from the bottom of her heart, her grin one of genuine ecstasy.

On the other hand, Keanu’s gorgeous face, which is covered in a beard, is beaming. We all know that due to his movie roles, he can be extremely somber and that his demeanor is often grave, but this time, the man is beaming for the camera.

All of these pictures were taken when they were holding hands. Aaw!

Many people cherished the uncommon image of this charming pair.
Fans almost ever get to witness Keanu in such an ecstatic mood. If there are skeptics who believe that Keanu is not content with Alexandra, then this evidence will show that they are incorrect.

Keanu’s admirers first learned that he was seeing someone when he showed up at the LACMA Art + Film Gala with a companion. Alexandra Grant, a prominent artist, was there.

The pair did not reappear together in the same event after their initial appearance, where their photo was shot, until recently.

Even their friends were unaware that Keanu and Alexandra were dating since they are both far too discreet.

Close friend of Alexandra, Jennifer Tilley, admitted that she was as shocked as everyone else to learn of their connection. When she heard it from Alexandra, she found it impossible to believe.

“I recall [Alexandra] telling me about a year and a half ago that Keanu Reeves was her boyfriend, and I was like, ‘Wait. What? What? She told Page Six, “What? She was so cool, I mistakenly believed she was a lesbian.

The pair did not dare to display themselves as a couple since they really valued their privacy. Except for the current red carpet image that has been going around on social media among fans all over the world, there are no pictures of them accessible.

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant look joyous in their portrait together.

Their grins speak volumes! All of their followers are both envious and overjoyed by their joined hands and sincere laughs.

The artist was really stunning in her red outfit, and Keanu looks as handsome in his black attire. What a gorgeous couple they are!

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