Husband snaps ‘unflattering’ photo of wife asleep breastfeeding twins that makes headlines

There are little moments that remind us just how incredible motherhood is. If we are truthful, those little snapshots are NEVER pretty, but BOY are they amazing. It’s in the dirty, gross, exhausting moments that the power of a mom shines through. For Amy Griffith, that realization came when her husband snapped a rather unflattering photo.


Amy Griffith is a mom to twins and has recently gone viral for a photo her husband took.


As a twin mom, things can be twice as hard. Twice as many diapers to change, twice as many mouths to feed – all in all, it can be pretty overwhelming!

“‘So, I’ve got some news…There are two babies in there.’ It was just my daughter and I in the room. I only came in for a routine ultrasound to find out how many weeks we were. After my brain processed the words, I thought to myself, ‘My husband is going to flip!’ Then, all the ‘How in the world is this going to work?!’ thoughts began to flood my brain.” – Inspire More

For Griffith, it was the hardest moments of her life.

Baby A was born through traditional vaginal birth, but Baby B was being quite a bit more stubborn. A c-section was eventually required, essentially forcing Griffith to go through two separate types of birth back to back. While the birth was over, there was still a lot more to go.

When you have twins, your body has to work twice as hard to feed them!

The math is easy – twice the milk! The human body is truly amazing and Griffith was recovering from her c-section and birth, PLUS making twice the milk. Her body was working overtime. During the first few weeks she was totally exhausted to the point that words couldn’t even describe it.

Other times, I felt depleted. I was giving so much of myself, but I was 1,000% committed. I would endure the long nights, rounds of mastitis, and sacrifice what I felt was required of me. Exhaustion doesn’t even describe how I felt in those early months. – Inspire More

It was in one of these “sessions” that her husband snapped the photo.


Totally unfiltered and honest, we see Griffith sitting straight up, breastfeeding her babies… but she’s knocked out! She’s doing super-mom things and was so tired that she fell asleep while she was feeding her little boys.

She explains that she was “sneaking a nap”, and nobody blames her!


Any mama knows that ANY chance at a nap is worth taking. Even if it is only a few minutes, you go for it! The picture was popular enough that Griffith decided to make her own support group for other twin moms!

This “sleepy” post has received so much love and been shared worldwide! I’m beyond grateful 💞 Inspired by the questions I received, I’ve created a twin membership program for personalized support/community for mamas pregnant with twins, breastfeeding twins and those first few years of twin-mom-life 😅 – Instagram

Even though it’s hard, every mama knows that it’s ALWAYS worth it. With twins, it’s twice as hard but twice as rewarding!

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