How has changed the life of the girl with one limb who dreamed of becoming a model

The sweet girl from Ecuador named Victoria Salcedo grew up in happiness. She was really vivacious, active, and vibrant. She had a really positive outlook on life, a strong personality, and a tremendous desire of being a model.

But the impoverished, enthusiastic, and animated creature’s fate had other ideas. The young girl suffered loss of both arms and the left leg as a result of the electric shock.

However, it was difficult to sever the strong girl’s heart and intellect. She had no doubts about her intentions or ideas. Victoria’s parents gave her a lot of encouragement while she pursued her dreams and objectives. She made every effort to carry out her objectives without even considering giving up.

Victoria enrolled in the Faculty of Journalism at the university after finishing high school. She led a busy lifestyle and enjoyed music and the arts. But her dearest and most thrilling thought was still there.

Victoria therefore made the decision to compete in the Miss Ecuador pageant in 2021. Although she didn’t win, her fame spread across the nation, and everyone was impressed by the unique competitor.

Following this fantastic event, Victoria experienced tremendous popularity. People from all over the world started to follow her on her social media profiles, and many advertising firms also offered her contracts.

Victoria is now a well-known blogger and model. Her days are quite hectic since she travels much and appears in several shows on television. She has accomplished a lot already at age 26 and keeps climbing ever higher. And it makes no difference if she just has one limb at all.

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