Horses Gather To Get Glimpse Of Beautiful Foal With Special Markings

Mother Nature is amazing, isn’t she? She makes no mistakes and only creates masterpieces…like this gorgeous foal…

Jackie and Scott Nelson have owned their Down Under Colour ranch in Melbourne, Florida for many years. They are known for their beautiful American Paint Horses.

They have years of experience with their horses and that includes the breeding and birthing process. So, it would be safe to assume that not a lot could surprise them during the birth of a filly.

Yet, they were in for one big surprise when they saw the new filly that came into their family.

Poka gave birth to a filly, Coconut, and Coconut is a very rare type of horse referred to as a Medicine Hat.

A Medicine Hat Horse is a revered horse within the Indigenous culture throughout the United States. These horses were known to have supernatural powers and bring good luck. These horses were believed to sense impending danger and protect the rider during battle. Only the Chief or Medicine Man were allowed to ride a Medicine Hat Horse in the tribe.

What makes a Medicine Hat Horse different from others?

A Medicine Hat Horse is completely white but with colored patches that cover its ears and top of the head. They can have other markings too. If they have a patch of color on their chest, as Coconut does, this is known as their shield. Another factor that creates an even more rare Medicine Hat Horse is having one blue eye that has a black line around it and Coconut has this too.

The one blue eye is known as the “Sky Eye.”

Down Under Colour explains, “This eye in Indian Mythology is called a Sky Eye. If the Chief or Medicine Man dies in battle then this one blue sky eye will carry their spirits to their Gods.”

It must have been a sight to behold when Jackie and Scott Nelson saw Coconut for the first time. She was not only a Medicine Hat Horse but she even had other markings that made her even more rare. This is one special and beautiful filly.

It is no surprise that they wanted to show off Coconut at only two days old.

Jackie and Scott Nelson recorded Coconut and Poka on their first outside excursion a day after the birth. Coconut is still getting used to her wobbly legs but seems to love being outside with her mother. All the horses on the ranch come to see Coconut and Poka too. The horses line up against the fence to get the closest look at Coconut.

These horses want to get a look at the new kid in town.

Coconut starts to run around on her lanky legs in no time. If she thought she could run on her own, she was mistaken. Anywhere that Coconut runs her mother is right behind her. When Coconut gets really close to the fence, Poka will stand guard between Coconut and any other person or animal.

Coconut has one protective mother!

Coconut even gets her first kiss from the family dog!

Every member of the Down Under Colour farm wants to get a bit of attention from the rare filly and their dog did not want to be left out. Coconut seems just as interested in the dog but once the dogs gives her a kiss, she backs it up. She was not ready to be that close with the dog!

Watch the full video right below but prepare to fall in love with Coconut.

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