Homeless teen has emotional reunion with dog he surrendered in desperation

While some heartless owners abandon their dogs like trash for no reason at all, there are some who were forced to surrender their dogs to animal shelters simply because they couldn’t give their dogs’ everyday necessities.

One of them is a teen who had to give up his dog to a shelter a couple of months back because he was financially incapacitated – he was homeless.

A heartbreak.

Kris Robinson works as the Interim Shelter Director at the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter in Mississippi and when she thought she had seen it all, she was terribly mistaken. Back in April, a heart-wrenching moment happened right before her bare eyes when a teenage boy was forced to surrender his beloved dog.

One day, Robinson was at the animal shelter when the teen dropped by together with his dog, Jada, a shepherd-rottweiler mix that’s approximately 4 to 5 months old.

The young man was just 17 years old and he was totally distressed and worried sick while asking Robinson if it was possible for them to keep his dog. Sadly, at that very moment, the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter was already full, and although she didn’t want to, she had to tell the poor teen that they could no longer take in his dog.

After hearing the heartbreaking news, the teen confessed to Robinson and told her that he was homeless. He admitted that he was no longer capable of providing for Jada’s everyday needs. Hearing that broke her heart into smithereens.

In an exclusive interview with the news channel, Robinson shared“And he said, ‘Well, I can’t take care of her anymore. I live under a bridge,’ and it broke my heart. For this young man to just be 17 and down on his luck, and no matter what problems he’s facing, he still took the time to walk her over her and make sure somebody was going to take care of her, I think that says a lot about his character.”

For that reason alone, she made space for Jada.

With a heavy heart, the young man left his only companion at the shelter and entrusted everything to Robinson. She then took to social media to share a photo of Jada, lying on the concrete floor beside a bag left by her human that’s filled with dog food.

In a touching Facebook post, she wrote: “This is where she layed after her owner surrendered her today with her plastic bag of dog food and a blanket. She is devastated. I can’t be mad at her owner though. He is 17, says he lives under a bridge in Tate county. He WALKED her all the way to the shelter and asked us to please take her because he can’t afford to keep her.”

It didn’t take long for the heartbreaking story to be discovered by thousands (or maybe millions) of people. Soon, the shelter started receiving countless requests from people who wanted to adopt Jada. At the same time, Robinson was also happy because they also received messages from people who expressed their interest in helping out the teenager.

According to WREG, Robinson said, “We’re a shelter, so we’re concerned about the dog. But ultimately we were concerned about him and him getting off the street and getting some help.”


Luckily, Robinson managed to take down the young man’s information and it became a key for the authorities to track the teenager down. Pretty soon, Jada and her owner reunited, not only that because the authorities were also able to find a place where the boy and his dog could stay together.

Robinson ecstatically shared the good news online and wrote on another social media post“…the homeless teenager who brought this baby to the shelter to surrender her because he couldn’t give her what she needs is getting the help he needs ❤️ He has a place to stay and will be soon getting his dog back.”

The local First United Methodist Church in Senatobia also offered help by collecting donations that will go to the family who’s currently caring for Jada and her teenage owner. Hopefully, the teenage boy and Jada will never be separated again. Those who wanted to help them in any way possible are highly encouraged to coordinate with the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter.

Watch the video below to know more about this story.

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