Homeless Non-pregnant Dog Starts Lactating to nurse an Abandoned Kitty

When Michelle Smith from Anderson Animal Control, South Carolina, got a call she couldn’t have imagined what was waiting for her.

She came to the specified place and at the end of a high embankment along a deep ravine, she saw a dog nursing a kitten.

Luckily, Smith could come closer and closer to them and could take them with her to a safer place. They were indivisible and the dog acted like a real mother to the feline.

Soon they were at the sanctuary safe and sound. The dog was named Goldie and the kitten was named Kate after the celeb mom and daughter Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.

The most incredible thing in this story was that the dog was not pregnant and hadn’t been even short time ago but she still had milk and could nurse the kitten.

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