Home Depot Hires A Shy Former Shelter Dog As An Employee, And She’s The Hardest-Working Employee In The Company’s History

When we are given a tiny amount of love, even we humans can change. Adopting an animal may improve the lives of two people. The animal’s and your own life are included in these two lives. The pet will now have a space to call his or her own.

They’ll be safe and sound, with someone they can call family at their side. Their human will have someone who will adore them unconditionally for the rest of their lives. As a result, it’s a win-win scenario. What more could you possibly want? Adoption, on the other hand, is not a simple procedure.


Jackie Rakers of the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter adopted Heaven. Heaven and Jackie had taken a big stride forward. Heaven, on the other hand, was a timid dog that was terrified of virtually everything. So Jackie had to come up with a solution to restore Heaven’s self-assurance.

They began going to Home Depot at that time.

In an interview with The Dodo, Rakers said, “The Home Depot runs started as a method to help her with her concerns.” “She was afraid of strange places and sounds, so we’d go for five minutes and she’d receive all the treats,” she explained.


As a result, their excursions to Home Depot became in length, and Heaven was introduced to new experiences.

The Home Depot is a dog-friendly establishment.

As a result, Heaven felt extremely at ease there. Heaven began interacting with the employees and visitors more frequently. She soon got her own apron after a few trips!


Every time Jackie takes out the apron, she knows she’s heading to Home Depot.

Rakers explained, “I keep it in the car so we’re always ready.” “As soon as she realizes we’ve arrived in the parking lot, she quivers and waits for me to put [the apron] on her before sprinting off to ‘work.’” She struts about the area as if she owns it.”


Now there’s a fantastic new employee at Home Depot!

Heaven is well-known throughout the business. She is addressed by her first name by all members of the staff, and she is even permitted to use the employee break room. It has turned into a second home for her.

She had a good time with the customers as well.


Rakers remarked, “She goes around doing her own business and then insists on meeting someone.” “All she does is sit and look.” They’ll constantly express how much they needed that pick-me-up.”

You’d think Heaven can sense when someone is having a terrible day so she can walk over and cheer them up. And Home Depot is the best place for her to find folks to adore.


With these small adventure visits to Home Depot, Heaven has regained her confidence.
“She was terrified of everything at first, but with a lot of training and patience, she learnt to trust, and now it’s almost as if she pays it forward,” Rakers said. “She looks for people who need her and offers them a hug and a smile.”

Jackie is always doing something with her house, so they go to Home Depot frequently, which is also a comfort for Heaven.


Take a look at how pleased she currently is!

It simply takes a little love and the proper kind of parenting to bring out the best in your pet. Heaven is the ideal illustration of this.

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