Hockey goalie gains popularity for hilarious “self-talk” heard on mic during game

Nick Weston, also known as “Nick The Goalie” on Social Media, has gone viral with videos of him on the mic during games.

His comments and self-talk provide a wholesome and positive mood throughout his TikTok videos.

He’s giving us a peek at what most of us can only watch from afar and not hear anything.

And it’s hilarious.

He has been posting reels of him playing hockey, most of which are goal-tending videos, hockey tricks, and other hockey-related content.

The video’s point of view is always at the back of the goal where you can see him working his thing and monologuing, and messing around sometimes.

All for the love of hockey.

Weston is an amateur hockey player.

He’s located in Vancouver, Canada, and initially wanted the position of forward when he started playing hockey, but eventually changed position to goalie or goaltender.

He began posting on Tiktok back in March 2020, but he’s been on Youtube since 2018.

2020 was his year.

He had met other content creators doing collaborations and boosting his channel, which made his journey to the social media world even more exciting.

The usual contents and reels are him playing goalie defending and keeping the puck out of the goal.

People stay for his “self-talk”

The best part is always hearing him with his hilarious comments and self-talk.

While the play is on the other side, he’s just goofing around while singing or dancing.

When the play is on his side of the court, you can hear him just loving what he does as he performs his duties as a goalie.

The self-talk in his videos is always loved by the people watching them.

He’s famous in his own way.

Top organizations such as “ESPN” and the “NHL” have shared his videos, and the comments are as fantastic as his commentaries.

There was a whole thread of goalkeepers from different sports, including baseball catchers and outfielders, who confirmed this is exactly what they’re doing in the field- monologuing.

You can hear some famous lines from movies and TV shows just being dropped randomly on his reels, which makes it more fun.

He once used “Chrissy, wake up! I don’t like this,” from Stranger Things, referring to him not liking what’s happening. But then caught the puck and added “That’s okay, I like it.”

And you will see people in the comments section suggesting what he should say in his next reels.

The spontaneity of his phrases and actions all made it worthwhile.

He’s hilariously relatable.

When watching his videos, it’s the wholesomeness and humor in his monologues that get you.

People don’t always come for hockey.

He is receiving all the love and support from the people, some of them don’t even play or watch hockey.

They just like how he’s cracking up and dropping comments while playing. Which has gained positive feedback all throughout his channel.

Weston is grateful.

He’s thankful that he has a backbone of great supporters who appreciate what he does.

He keeps on making great content and hilarious videos while mic’d up.

He recently has been using his social media channel to help raise money for the “Canucks Autism Network” while sharing the sport he loves.

You can follow Nick the Goalie on Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram for more videos!

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