Hero Officer Ran Onto Busy Interstate To Save A Dog That Was Hit By A Car

Officer Joseph Puglia proved himself to be a real hero for this dog. When he saw a dog hit by a car on Interstate 272 he jumped from his car to save the hurt pup. At that moment the kind officer didn’t think about his own life but about the miserable puppy’s life thrown on the busy road.

First, the officer was afraid that the dog wasn’t alive but when he saw that the dog was breathing he was overjoyed and immediately rushed to the Pinellas Animal Hospital.

There the dog was examined and the vet told Puglia that he didn’t have any life-threatening injuries. After getting the proper treatment the pup was taken to the animal shelter. There the dog was waiting for a family who was willing to adopt him. But the pup didn’t have to wait too much as Puglia’s family decided to adopt the dog.

They named him Lucky and this was a very fitting name for him. So as Puglia valued all lives – big and small, human and non-human this dog was not in good hands. Lucky was living happily and would be grateful to the kind officer throughout all of his life.

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