Heartbreaking to heartwarming, abandoned puppies get a second chance at life

Stoyan and Dessy had a wonderful dream of acquiring an animal shelter. But until their dream would come true they helped as many stray dogs and cats as they could.

They lived with their 4 cats. 2 of them Sopolcho & Bagheera lived with the couple, and the other 2 Alexa & Rijo lived with Dessy’s mom.

Recently Dessy found two stray puppies in a garbage dump in their neighborhood and brought them home. The puppies (later named Oscar and Tiger) seemed to be from the same litter but had different fur colors.

The puppies were soon photographed in the photoshoot named “Please, adopt me”. Oscar was very naughty and didn’t let to get perfect shots, however, at the end of the photoshoot Dessy was holding them in her arms and they had some fine photos together. If not for the kind woman the puppies would be in very miserable and heartbreaking condition now. But thanks to her they now have heartwarming photos that will surely melt many hearts. Now the cute puppies are waiting for their adopters.

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