Heartbreaking, Helpless Puppy Won’t Leave His dying Mother

Poor homeless puppy and his dying mother found at Noi district market, Thailand.They wont leave away from each other. His mother was too sick could not walk, eat and even blood fading.

Rescue team of PoorpetRescuse intervene and took them immediately to their clinic.


After checked up doctor said the red blood cells was little low of blood platelets and blood cell pathology. Doctors were working hard to care this puppy because a lot of blood fading.


One week after the symptoms and treatment they were a bit recovered. But the puppy still hard to walk and a lot of eyes inflammation, the muscle spasms, can’t walk in fatigue, fever. Penis and swollen red inflammation wound.


20 days later the mother dog and her puppies were healing slowly, they were eating good and seem being better.

The little puppy have a beautiful eyes and they show up of his healthy and power up again.

Here what you will see how they’re going heal.

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