He is really beautiful: The world’s most attractive man, according to many

Thanks to his role of the Duke of Hastings in the historical Netflix drama, the actor’s career has unquestionably soared. The Londoner was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award as a consequence, and he is today regarded as the world’s most attractive guy.

This result was reached by renowned plastic surgeon Julian de Silva after completing complex calculations using the golden ratio theory. His study shows that Rege-face Jean’s matches to the ideal by 93.65 percent. The list of the most attractive guys also included other famous macho men from Britain and Hollywood.

Chris Hemsworth of “Thor,” who garnered 93.53 percent of the vote for the Marvel superhero with Australian origin, came in second place to Page. Third place went to Michael B. Jordan, another actor with a dark skin tone. Rocky from “Creed: Legacy” and “Creed 2” won the most votes with 93.46 percent. With well over 92 percent, English musician and actor Harry Styles came in second.

Thanks to these state-of-the-art computer mapping tools, we may finally understand what makes a person physically beautiful. Julian de Silva claims that the technique is useful for planning patients’ procedures as well.

The cosmetic surgeon attributed Rege-Jean Page’s success to the dark-skinned British man’s ideal face characteristics. “His conventionally attractive features and stunning brown eyes contributed to his victory. He scored top ratings for the size of his lips, where they were on his face, and how far apart they were. The only aspect of the face that obtained a somewhat worse grade than the others was the nose, with its length and width, according to the expert, who was reported by Metro.

The actor hasn’t had many parts thus far in his career. In addition to The Bridgertons, he has also appeared in a number of other films and TV episodes, including Waterloo Bridge and Chronicles of the Cities of Prey. However, Page will definitely continue to expand his filmography after receiving this distinction.

Rege-Jean was reared in a home with an Anglican minister and a Zimbabwean nurse, together with three other kids. Page was selected into the National Youth Theatre’s company after graduating from the London Drama Center. Before pursuing a career in television and film, the actor performed in a number of well-known stage productions. The “Bridgertons” actor is also mentioned as one among the front-runners to take over as James Bond if Daniel Craig quits the franchise.

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