Have you ever seen friends like those ? Cute Dog and Jaguar Are Best Friends, Playing rough and tumble

Though Jaguars are not pets they still need help when they are a few days old.

Buzz was a Jaguar found in South Africa’s Akwaaba Lodge. It is the only species of this genus that may be found in The United States and Canada. It is also the greatest feline in America and the world after the tiger (Panthera tigris) and the lion (Panthera leo) (Panthera leo).

The Jag was taken under the care of a wild animal specialists group and they were very attentive to the little one in the sanctuary. The rescuer and Jag understood each other very well but when the Jag was introduced to the rescuer’s dog Bullet the feline liked him more.

They became close friends and investigated the sanctuary’s territory together. But they knew that one day they would be separated and when teh feline grew up the staff was worried about the dog. No matter how close they were some day teh wild feline could attack teh little dog. It is nature and we can’t change anything.

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