Hardworking 72-yr-old truck driver gets Christmas miracle from stranger that allows him to retire

It’s that time of the year when the sight of presents underneath the tree makes us giddy.

Most of us are lucky to give and receive gifts from family and friends. Others could barely make ends meet.

We could only hope we have enough to share with others to make their celebration a bit merry.

A little help could go a long way – be it some food, their table, or anything to keep them warm.

After all, isn’t that supposed to be what Christmas is about?

To share no matter how little to those who need it the most.

East Idaho News’ Secret Santa segment is the perfect embodiment of that.

In this particular segment, they surprised a truck driver who is still working at age 72, trying to make ends meet.

What makes this man remarkable is his story.

Carl is a hardworking, elderly man who still drives the bus to pay the bills.

He works four days a week, at most 14 hours per day.

Carl lost one leg right above the knee 37 years ago, but he still gets up daily and drives the bus.

More so, Carl lost his wife in 2010.

She suffered a brain aneurysm in 2001 and recovered.

But she had another one in 2010 and didn’t make it this time.

It devastated Carl, but for him, life goes on.

The pandemic was quite harsh on him, too.

He battled three rounds of COVID within two years, affecting his overall health.

And while it’s a great thing he survived, he suffers more pain, especially since his stump started to hurt again to the point that it’s difficult to walk.

Even so, he still goes to work as early as 2 A.M.

And Carl always puts family first.

Despite every ache and pain in his body, he never missed an opportunity to be there for his kids and grandchildren.

He was there in every sports practice and game, never too tired to show up and help.

We could all agree now how much he deserves this sweet surprise.

Nate Eaton of East Idaho News visited his trailer, where he lived at the back of his daughter’s house.

Donning his signature Santa hat, Nate knocked on his door, and a skeptical Carl opened the door.

Nate had three gifts for Carl – all from his Secret Santa.

One box contains $500-worth gift cards for gas money and groceries, and all the gift cards totaled $2,000 each.

Now, that’s a lovely Christmas present, though Carl was still unsure if he really deserved this gift.

But it was the second gift that made Carl believe in the kindness of others.

As Nate handed him the box, Carl opened it and saw a $10,000 check – an amount that he could use for anything he wanted.

This time, Carl cried, knowing that those surprises he saw on TV were now finally happening to him.

You can also sense some sort of relief coming from him.

He saw the check and realized that he could retire.

But what was remarkable about this man is that he promised to pay this kindness forward.

Watch the Secret Santa surprise below, and share this to spread smiles and kindness to others.

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