Hairless Puppy Doesn’t Listen Nor Give Up After Vet Refuses To Treat Her

This touching story teaches us an important lesson.

No matter what others say, you should never give up on someone you love and something you believe in. When Andrea found a lost puppy and decided to rescue it, the poor animal was in a terrible situation.

His body was hairless, his ears were infested with roundworms and he didn’t even look like a dog anymore.

But all this made him even more unique to his current owner, who was determined to help him recover. It was not an easy path, because everyone judged him by his appearance and even the vet said Benji would have a hard time recovering and the best thing to do would be to put him down.

When Andrea remembered how scared she was when she found him, and how she recoiled, trembling with fear, she decided to heal this lovely dog and devoted herself to caring for him.

It was an arduous journey to say the least, Andrea gave him antibiotics and bathed him in pure coconut oil to improve his health and after three months the dog was thriving and looking healthier every day.

Andrea’s heart leapt with joy when she saw him like that. Her love and care paid off. Now everyone loves Benji, wants to care for and play with him.

Thank you Andrea, you showed us that everything can be done with love and care, your story is inspiring.

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