Guinea Pigs With Long Hair

Back up, dogs—there’s a new best in show. Guinea pigs have been stealing the spotlight with cavy shows, where their owners dress the pigs to impress and smooth out their little pets’ hair into beautiful manes ready for their own red carpets.

These guinea pigs, or cavies, will definitely give you hair envy with their luscious locks straight out of an animal fairy tale.

These guinea pig beauty contests judge the little guys based on their match to a standard ideal for their breeds, and those with long hair are primped and prepped to be put on display. The best of the best don’t even use hair products or get their hair clipped. They’re not allowed, according to The Wheekly Reader, as in America it’s considered important to show them au naturel. All they rely on is water, mild soap, and a good brushing.

Look how beautiful that hair is—the immaculately white fur is hard to achieve alone, but the soft waves that fall down this little guinea pig’s back are enough to make most humans jealous.

Surprisingly, there are only 13 guinea pig breeds recognized by the American Cavy Breeders Association, and four of those are long-haired, according to The Wheekly Reader. These guinea pigs aren’t afraid to strike a pose when on display, though, and they show off their groomed locks hoping to win first place.

One of the more common breeds is the Silkie, and it’s clear where it got the name. That gorgeous mane of hair elegantly sweeps away from the face and just flows down to the ground—it’s hard to believe hair products aren’t necessary.

The coronet also flaunts super silky hair but has a crest on its head, which makes it look a little more free-spirited than its statelier cousins. The slightly crazy look from that crest just makes this little one look more mischievous.

Peruvians are one of the most common guinea pig breeds at cavy shows, and with good reason. That hair is so straight and looks so long as well as it brushes the ground, but it’s a wonder they can see anything with all the hair in their eyes.

Despite the prevalence of silky, straight locks, curly hair isn’t out of the question for cavies. Texels have fantastic curls that would make anyone jealous, especially when they are red in color. It’s amazing that an animal’s curls are so well kept, although it must take a lot of brushing to keep them looking so stellar.

But not all guinea pigs are put on show, so don’t be too shocked to learn that everyday pet guinea pigs go the stylist as well. High-end groomers carefully clip and style the hair for a modern look. Bows are just too adorable to not be added to dress up these precious animals.

In any case, these long-haired charmers are definite showstoppers worthy of first place in any hairstyle contest.

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