Guests can’t take their eyes away from wedding couple’s steamy first dance

The first dance between the bride and groom speaks volumes of their relationship.

Together for many years in the past before tying the knot, only to look forward to decades with each other.

So of course, all eyes on the newlyweds as a romantic song plays.

They look into each others eyes and just sway to the same rhythm as one.

And then there’s these two.

It’s a dance alright, but not any ordinary boring dance.

Family and guests are on their feet already since they know it’s going to be quite special.

To the tune of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow”, the newlyweds put on an exceptional show.

See weddings, as festive of an event as they are, are full of traditions and symbols.

The first dance between a newly married couple is one of those time-honored traditions highly cherished.

It will always be a part of the ceremony.

The first dance between the bride and groom is the most awaited moment since it shows the love and unity between the new couple.

Everyone knows it’s happening but they still want to see it.

The couple begin a slow, deliberate dance, almost like they’re interpreting the song’s lyrics while keeping that sexy, romantic vibe.

It’s brilliant choreography, one that tells you they’ve been practicing this for a very long time.

And no, this is not Dancing With The Stars!

“My hats off to you both! I can see dancing is a part of both y’all’s lives, & brought your love to one another to the dance floor on your wedding day! How cool is that! Thumbs up!I applaud you both for a flawless performance, & 1st dance of perfection on your special day!” says a viewer.

See, weddings are one thing, but making a marriage work is another.

Think of it like a dance. Husband and wife need to always be in sync, listening to the beat and the melody, understanding the rhythm, and moving together as one.

It’s not always easy, but it is so worth it when you find your partner.

This is just an incredible dance. The footwork, the leg sweeps, extensions, and communication between husband and wife are so impressive.

Their guests cheer them on at the right spots too!

Another viewer had this to say,

“That was Outstanding. They must be dancers… They discipline and execution was phenomenal. Definitely a very Hot couple.She is Gorgeous.. Him ..a lucky guy. Wishing them an endless honeymoon.. Congratulations!”

Oh these two are definitely pros alright.

Too many moves that no ordinary couple could possibly do, or even want to attempt on their wedding night. No one wants to try a flip and possibly hurt themselves.

So just be mesmerized by this talented couple.

If they’re this good, then this marriage will surely work. It’s all about communication and flow, and it looks like they’ve nailed that part already.

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