Golden retriever is perplexed after finding tiny kitten taking up his bed in sweet viral video

Cats and dogs are often stereotyped as natural enemies — as evidenced by common expressions like “fighting like cats and dogs.”

It’s not entirely true — many pet owners have both cats and dogs at home and find they’re the best of friends — but other pets can have their squabbles.

Like one golden retriever and a tiny kitten, who had a funny and adorable stand-off over a doggy bed, captured in a viral video with over 37 million views.

Bailey is a golden retriever with his own popular YouTube channel: his videos have been viewed over 333 million times.

In his most popular video, Bailey gets quite a surprise: he finds a tiny kitten in his bed!

Bailey is confused, especially since the kitten is so unfazed, refusing to budge even as the much-bigger dog tries to reclaim his bed.

While he never gets too aggressive towards the kitten, he does try a few times to lift and shake the bed, hoping the cat will take the hint and surrender.

Despite all his efforts, the kitten is unintimidated and keeps the bed for herself, apparently too cozy to give in.

Bailey makes some more efforts to scare the kitten off, but eventually he decides to just get in the bed himself — maybe there’s room for both after all.

By the end of the video, Bailey and the kitten are happy to share the space — and the kitten even climbs on top of the dog to cuddle.


Watch the sweet video below:

What a funny video! Cats and dogs might fight like… cats and dogs, but in the end they’re cozy best friends.

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