Golden Retriever getting a puppy of his own is even sweeter than you think

These Golden Retrievers became inseparable from the very first moment of their meeting. When the Golden Retriever Walker met a little Golden Retriever puppy his life was changed ever after.

Walker had a friend named Willow who was also a Golden Retriever. But they had to separate because of some circumstances. They met but very rarely and Walker’s heart was devastated because of this.

Fortunately, Walker had a very caring and kind owner Vicki Waldbauer, who made up her mind to surprise Walker with another pet friend. Walker welcomed his new brother Waylon with great pleasure and soon they were the best brothers ever.

Three of them met sometimes but Walker and Waylon were inseparable. They did almost everything together and Walker understood that he had a new friend with whom he would always live and play. Hew was very cautious and acted like a real big brother but as soon as Waylon grew up a little the clever dog left him alone for a long time to teach him to dealAmericathe a the a a  with the difficulties of life alone.

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