Girl’s practices with dad pay off when she makes shot & runs straight into dad’s arms to celebrate

“No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.” – Michael Ratnadeepak

Can a minute-long video make you tear up?

Absolutely! Especially when it shows the beautiful bond between a father and his daughter.

People say that when the time comes when you see your child, your life changes.

When a father holds his newborn baby girl, he falls in love like he never did before.

Larry Macaluso, a single Louisiana father, according to his bio, is proud of his daughter, Presley.


Ten-year-old Presley loves basketball and her father is always there for her.

Larry would cheer for her, accompany her when she had practice, wait for her until her games were over, and cheer her up when she was down.

Every step of the way, Larry was there for his lovely child.

Being a single parent, you’d think that this father is really busy providing for her child.

Every child needs their parent’s support, and Larry was there physically and emotionally for Presley.

We may think that all they need is a comfortable home, food, and other necessities, but they need their parents more than anyone else.

When a parent is in full support of their child, expect that this child will gain confidence.

Therefore, Presley became so good at her game.

Last March, Larry posted a quick clip on TikTok. There, we see Presley making her first shot at a youth basketball game that was held in Albany.

After the ball went into the basket, Presley turned around and ran towards her father.

Larry was there, waiting for his daughter, Presley, with open arms.

There was no doubt this little girl and her father had been training hard, and it all paid off.

Larry was so proud of Presley!

The proud father posted the clip on TikTok and said, “My baby’s first shot in a game, what a moment.”

It went viral and reached 197K views.

Even Good Morning America, Sports Center, and other shows featured the touching moment between Larry and Presley.

“She’s made many, many shots at home, but that was the first in a game.” Larry said, “We have been working hard here at the house, and it paid off.

According to the loving father, they’re best friends. They spend so much time together, building memories.

In his interview with GMA, Larry said that during Presley’s second game, she didn’t make any shots, but in the third one, she was able to make three!

Presley has a future in her chosen sport.

Larry was so happy that their video went viral. He wanted the people who saw their video to learn something from it.

“Make sure you spend time with your children, make sure you love them, show them what love is, and be there for them through everything,” the proud father said in his interview with GMA.

Indeed, our children will only be kids for a short time, and now, more than ever, they need us.

We know it’s difficult because we have responsibilities, but surely, we can still make time.


Each time we spend with them is a treasured moment that they will remember and will help them with their dreams and aspirations in life.

When they succeed, we’re there, cheering for them.


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