Girl with down syndrome crashes TV reporter’s segment when she realizes camera’s are filming

It’s a rare and exciting sight to see a live news broadcast in the making and many people try to get their 15 minutes of fame by ‘video bombing’ the recording.

When one girl in Australia noticed the cameras, she put on a wholesome and hilarious little show in the background.

A news anchor was presenting live from an Australian mall when a young girl with Down syndrome appeared on the screen.

She ran up behind the reporter and, while maintaining her distance and not being overly intrusive, she managed to steal the show anyway.

With a huge grin on her face and a little wave to the camera, the girl looked to be on cloud 9.

The anchor, who had undoubtedly experienced intrusive onlookers in the past, actually seemed to be enjoying the girls display.

She waved and clapped and pointed at the reporter, she even fixed her eyebrows in a hilarious fashion to make sure she looked amazing on screen.

All the while, the reporter was smiling and giggling as he watched the show on the playback monitor.

At one point, he even presented the microphone to her and let her give a shoutout to her family.

“Hello!” she says, cheerily, “Hi mum, hi dad. Love ya!” followed by the sweetest little squeal of delight at the opportunity.

Many people praised the news anchor at his ability to keep calm and go with the flow, even though his broadcast had been interrupted.

Down syndrome is not as rare an occurrence as many people believe, 1 in every 772 babies are born with the condition.

There are also different kinds of Down syndrome, all caused by an error in cell division of chromosome 21.

While most cells in the body are made up of 46 chromosomes, people with Down syndrome have 47.

For people with the condition, chromosome number 21 is either partially or fully copied, that is what causes the extra 47th chromosome.

It is unfortunate to say, but in the past people with Down syndrome were often ostracized from their communities as people thought that anything different than them was wrong.

Recently however, awareness and understanding of what Down syndrome actually is has grown and those with the condition are now being more accepted as fully functioning members of society.

While there will most likely always be people who don’t accept this, it is important for our societies to grow in their understanding and compassion of those that are different from them.

People with Down syndrome are often thought of as being happy, sociable, and outgoing.

While that is not true for everyone with the condition, it certainly seems true for the girl in this video.

Her face radiates the joy she is feeling at being on live TV and being able to publicly announce her love for her parents.

We wish this girl all the best and hope she has another opportunity to shine in front of a camera, as it was something she clearly enjoyed.

Our differences do not define us, it is how we treat people with differences that show who we really are.

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