Girl starts being followed by creepy guy until random biker pulls up

Bikers are people who help other people on the road. They’re brave, they’re kind, and they’re heroes. Bikers are men and women from all walks of life.

They are not just motorcyclists—they’re our neighbors, our colleagues at work and school, and our friends.

A video about bikers garnered some attention.

The common thread that binds the clips in the video is bikers saving lives on a normal day—and it’s not because they want money or fame. It’s because they simply want to help others out there on those roads.

In one of the clips, a girl was being followed by a creepy guy who looked like he might try to do something bad.

It was obvious that the girl didn’t know the guy.

She started walking faster and faster, almost helpless. Luckily for her, a biker came along and noticed the whole ordeal. So he decided to pretend that he was the girl’s boyfriend to shoo the creepy guy away.

At first, the guy still continued on acting like he knew her but he eventually left. The girl thanked him for saving her. He also offered her a ride home since she was shaking and trembling out of fear from what just happened.

Then, the next clip is about a couple of kids.

Two kids, a boy and a girl, were crying on the streets looking for their mom and dad. They had been separated from them and couldn’t find them.

A biker saw them and decided to help out instead of just driving by like most people would have done. It took them a long while to find the parents, but the family was eventually reunited.

They thanked the biker for his help.

And in another scenario, a biker decided to pull over when he saw a woman in a wheelchair who was stuck in the gravel. He was quick to help her.

He lifted her up and placed her securely in a safer spot. The woman thanked him for his help. It was fortunate that he was there just in time before any bad could’ve happened to the lady.

A lot of bikers out there are heroes.

Bikers have been saving lives since before there were vehicles to ride, but it’s only recently that they’ve become so visible in the media. Even viewers have expressed their positive thoughts.

“That first girl was such a sweetheart,” one commenter posted. “She was so grateful and you could tell how shaken up she was. Thank God good people still exist.”

Another one wrote, “People with tattoos and leather jackets that ride motor bikes are honestly some of the most kindest and caring people you will ever meet and this is proof.”

As we see more videos like this one, it’s important to remember that these selfless acts aren’t always as simple as they seem; oftentimes, doing what’s right means risking your own life for someone else’s safety.

After all, that’s what humanity is about!

Check out the video below for some of the heroic acts of these bikers.

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