Girl Buys Dog that Turns Out To Be A Unique Wild Animal After Growing Up

It is usual for people to buy their pets as kittens. Surprisingly not all of them turn out like the promised breed.
Also, sometimes what you think is a pet is actually a wild animal that can’t be kept at home. This story began a year ago. A girl bought a pet in a pet shop. They told her that it was a Pomeranian Spitz puppy. This is an adorable dwarf dog breed that barely grows up and has a very thick and fluffy coat. Spitz are sometimes compared to small bears or stuffed animals.
At first, the adorable white puppy seemed perfectly normal. He regularly ate chicken breast, fruit and dog food. But at the age of three months, he started to behave strangely. He had a strong appetite for raw meat and developed a hunting instinct. The dog’s appearance also began to change. His snout became longer than it should have been, his ears became pointed, his body became longer, his fur became much thicker, and his tail became too long and curly. In addition, the animal no longer barked. Nor did it obey commands.
When the owner walked with his spitz, all the other dogs ran, growled, showed fear, tried to dodge and hide. For almost a year, “Puppy” lived with the girl. Then she decided to find out what made her pet so strange. She began to think that she was wrong and that it was not a Pomeranian Spitz.
He took the tip to the zoo and the experts found out what kind of animal it was. The spike looked like a real Arctic fox, also called a white dog or a common fox. It’s a rare animal. The girl had to leave her animal at the zoo because the older the fox gets, the more its instincts awaken and it can become dangerous to society. But the owner was able to visit her animal, writes
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