Giant husky meets new baby brother for first time

Fur parents love it when their fur babies and human babies get along so well.

It really makes their family so complete. But to get to that step is always nerve-wracking.

What if your human baby doesn’t like being near the dog and cries whenever it comes near? What if the dog hates the human babies and barks or growls every time it sees the tiny human?

And worse, what if the dog hurts the human baby?

But if we’ve seen enough dog and baby videos, we know that these scenarios have rarely happened.

Dogs may be hesitant to approach the tiny humans but once they get a sniff, they instantly fall in love with the humans.

Teddy the Husky lives with his brother, Phil, and sister, Niko, both Malamutes, and his feline brother, Milo, who believes he’s also a Malamute. They also live in the house with their human parents, and human sister, Amelia.

In this video, they get to meet the newest member of their family, their human baby brother.

Before they could meet him, though, the dogs needed to be briefed and time to calm down. Their parents decided to introduce them one by one so their baby brother doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Plus it prevents the three dogs from getting too excited and potentially hurting each other and the baby.

Their parents did a great job preparing the dogs for meeting their baby brother.

They prepped the stage by letting them sniff the baby’s clothes and hats first. They already sensed their mom’s pregnancy and knew something was about to change in their house and their life.

Their dad also brought out the baby’s stroller, which the dogs examined before sniffing.

Do you think the dogs are ready to meet their baby brother?

Because Phil and Niko had already experienced this with their sister, Amelia, their parents decided to introduce Teddy first.

Teddy is the youngest of all the dogs and hadn’t gone through this experience yet.

Mom brought in Teddy first to meet his baby brother.

Dad was holding their baby brother in the sitting area and Teddy smelled him before he smelled the baby. Teddy was curious.

Who is this little one? Why doesn’t he have fur all over his body?

Dad had his free hand on Teddy’s head to prevent him from getting overly excited.

And you know what? Somehow Teddy understood that he needed to stay calm to stay by his brother’s side. He got up on the couch and laid down beside his dad and licked his dad’s face.

But when it came to his baby brother, he just stared and sniffed him.

Maybe he is still confused about this new tiny human and he’s still trying to make sense of what he really is.

But you know, if his parents can trust this tiny human, then maybe he’s not so bad after all.

Want to see Teddy’s full reaction upon seeing his new baby brother? Watch the video below.

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