Gardener shares creative way to grow abundance of potatoes

A lot of people nowadays are living in the city.

However, they still want to know how they can grow food, even if they have a small space.

Potatoes are one answer

Of all the food that you can grow in your little spaces, the potato is one food that has versatility in how you can prepare it and is very easy to grow.

This is why it is not surprising that this gardener really captured the interest of a lot of viewers.

From terraces to rooftops

The video shows that growing your own potatoes can be done on your terraces or on rooftops.

It is very simple. The gardener prepared a tub to plant the potatoes with construction sand and cement.

You can do this with as many potatoes as you can depending on the space that you have.

The gardener started putting the construction sand in the tub.

Next, he carefully lined up the potatoes and cover them with more sand. Then he watered them.

5 days

After about 5 days, the roots became visible and were growing on each of the potatoes he planted.

He then cut the potatoes in half.

This also doubled the number of potatoes he planted.

Then he grabbed the cement.

The next step was to cover the cut part of the potatoes with cement.

As he stated, the Cement will prevent water, bacteria, and other viruses to enter your potatoes.

He then planted the potatoes back in the soil.

He used crates lined with sacks and filled with soil to accommodate more potatoes at once.

He also watered the plants afterward.

7 days

After seven days, the gardener showed that the leaves were growing from the potatoes he planted.

5 days after he noticed the leaves, he added crushed eggshells to the soil.

15 days after adding the egg shells, he showed that more leaves are growing from the plants.

It is also noticeable that the soil is sinking.

He added more soil.

11 days after the full bloom of the leaves, the gardener showed the potato plants’ leaves already started to wilt.

Ready for harvest

This indicates that the potatoes are now ready to be harvested.

The gardener then started harvesting the potatoes in each crate.

It is noticeable that the sizes of the potatoes vary.

A short season crop

As per the video, generally, you can harvest potatoes 1.5 months from the date of planting them.

You can enjoy the potatoes you harvested in so many ways.

At the end of the video, the gardener showed how you can prepare potatoes.

He cooked a batch of french fries to show his audience how delicious the potatoes he harvested from his terrace were.

Growing your own potatoes can be very satisfying.

It gives you the ability to save money and make it readily available when you need it. A lot of viewers were inspired by his urban gardening.

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