Four-year-old cat returns home by herself as if nothing had happened.

K Bear the cat has finally returned home after being absent for four years, acting as if nothing ever happened.

To the surprise and dismay of her family, Sharon Fisher’s cat—who had been living on the streets and parks of Tauranga—finally made it back to her Welcome Bay residence a few nights ago.

“I heard a meow, meow at the door when it was still dark outside. As I opened it, she walked right in, shocking me. I found it hard to believe.

Suddenly I started weeping,” Ms. Fisher admitted.

Danika Fisher, 10, with cat K Bear after it went missing for four years. Photo/John Borren

The 16-year-old cat was known to sneak out and go fully on her own around Tauranga’s parks and streets. She was also always a “great hunter”.

She would depart for a few days at first, followed by a week, two weeks, and finally a year. It had been four years this time.

“She had passed away in my opinion.

You simply can’t think that they will return home after four years.

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