For “Dress As Your Favorite Person” Day, a kindergartener choose the security guard at his school.

Everybody has a mentor.
You probably adored a fictitious figure, a superhero, or just a regular person whose work as a vocation greatly impressed you.

For a little child with the name of Easton Blocker, it was the teacher’s defender while they studied in class.
It’s none other than Jefferey Cross, the security guard at their school.

The then-kindergartner expressed nothing but appreciation for Officer Cross’s professional work at such a young age.

In the year 2020, on “Dress As Your Favorite Person Day,” Easton made it clear to everyone in the school.

He entered the building that very day dressed as a school security guard.

He made an effort to dress just like Officer Cross, donning a yellow shirt, black slacks, and black shoes.
The young school security guard was ecstatic to declare Officer Cross as his favorite person in front of the entire student body and the officer.

Lauryn, his mother, said on Good Morning America:

He has a crush on Officer Cross. You may expect him to say, “That’s my best buddy!”

Mother of Easton could see and sense how much her son admired Officer Cross.
She went out of her way to get her son’s outfit so that she could support him at the impending event.

Even the back of the yellow shirt had vinyl lettering that said “Junior Security.”

I’m going to say, ‘Hey, this is how much my kid likes you,’ for someone who my son looks up to so much, Lauryn said.

Officer Cross was moved to tears.
As a father of one and a parent, he found knowing about all of this to be very disturbing.


“The majority of the students are asked to dress up like their instructors or classmates. Since the first day of school, Easton has approached me and given me hugs. He’s really cute. He described himself to GMA as having a really jovial, upbeat demeanor.

Let’s face it: one of the purest gestures of compassion we will ever see in this terrible world is the innocence of a child.

In this instance, Easton is merely admiring how Office Cross keeps students safe at school rather than the magical abilities that are sometimes shown on television and in movies.

It increased his love for his work.

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