Foal Panicking As He Sees Tide Approaching After His Mother Got Badly Entangled And Fell

The Loughor estuary in Gower, South Wales, is a picturesque marshland inhabited by many animals. ilovemydogsomuch writes that a mare and her foal were wandering the marsh’s rough terrain when an unfortunate accident caused the pair to panic.

The mare’s hind hoof was accidentally tangled in her mane. She tried to free the hoof, but the hoof got tangled even more in the mane and the poor mare fell to the ground. She tried her best to get up, but her twisted limbs prevented her from doing so. Seeing his mother’s plight, the young stallion had a nervous breakdown. He didn’t know how to help his young mother and kept looking for help. Besides, the area would soon be flooded by a tidal wave. It was an extremely dangerous situation for the mare and her foal.

RSPCA officers arrived to evacuate animals from the flood zone. But when they realize that the mare is suffering, they take immediate action. One of the officers freed the mare by her mane, but she refused to get up. Only then did the officers realize that the mare had been struggling for hours. Her limbs were weakened by the awkward position and she was waiting for the blood flow to return to normal.

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