Flight attendant takes in stray puppy who was waiting for her outside hotel and adopts it

While some of us are aware of the challenges of long distance relationships, most people would find it impossible to understand love for a stray dog that refuses to leave your hotel.

Olivia Sievers, a flight attendant from Germany, frequently visits Argentina for business. She noticed a stray puppy on the route to her hotel in Buenos Aires.

Huge-hearted Olivia, who felt bad for the lonely puppy, gave him some food and water and left, but the dog, subsequently named Rubio, couldn’t forget her generosity.

Afterwards, the dog accompanied Olivia to her hotel.

She told Noticiero Trece, “I attempted to alter my approach since I didn’t want him to follow me back to the hotel.” “But, it was impossible. He constantly followed me and came back. I gave it an hour, but he followed and observed me the entire time. He was quite grateful that someone noticed him.

As Olivia left her hotel to go home, she didn’t give the stray she had become friends with much attention, but Rubio was obviously smitten with her.

Rubio was waiting for her outside her hotel when she went back to Buenos Aires for business. Olivia even took a break from playing this time to feel terrible for him at night and give him a blanket to sleep on.

She had no idea that she was befriending a buddy for life.


Olivia began to worry that Rubio knew when she would be arriving at the hotel in Buenos Aires since he would always be there waiting for her. He managed to escape and make his way back to her hotel despite her best efforts to place him in a local shelter.

It was obvious that Rubio had already decided who he wanted to be with, and Olivia soon came to the same conclusion.

The flight attendant made the decision to adopt Rubio and completed the forms to bring him back to Germany with her.

Now that Olivia and her other two dogs are around, Rubio is surrounded by affection. He won’t have to wait much longer to meet his true love in front of a hotel.

Rubio selected Olivia as his ideal owner. I’m so glad these two connected; this dog will no longer have to live on the streets by himself.

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