Final Plea For Common Adoption For Bonded Pair of Dogs Reaches Far And Wide

Well, ladies and gentlemen’s, it’s our last call and our last try. Unless a miracle occurs, Han and Solo will separate. That’s why Dogs Without Borders has opened its contribution in the hope of finding a shared home for two special dogs.


The dogs would probably have died if they had not been found by a good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan who found them, who lives in a country where dogs are not safe, sent them here to Los Angeles to find a home where they can never suffer again. He told us they had a deep bond with each other. We’ve never seen such a close-knit pair of dogs. Maybe it’s because of their traumatic childhood experiences, but we don’t know, but they are inseparable. When one moves, the other moves too. They are almost always in physical contact with each other. They are young, loving and pure dogs. Both are about eight months old and weigh 40 kilos.

Their message spread quickly and was soon shared over 20,000 times. Could their miracle be due to one of the many questions they received? Just three days later, the rescue organisation announced that Han and Solo had found a home. Their update is: Well, you made it possible. We asked for a miracle and you gave it to us. We didn’t expect our contribution to fall on deaf ears, but we knew we had to give it one last try. And then, wow! Thanks to your participation, over a million people already read this post. And we received not one, but several adoption requests for Han and Solo.

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