Family Looks Out Their Window And Notices That Their Pup Is Not Alone

Bailey was just a few years old when her owners adopted her in 2007. Arthur, her owner told the Dodo that she was a breeding dog and the poor one had given birth to litter after litter puppies.

The dog recently proved that she could still be a caring mother. When Bailey’s family moved to another rural property they noticed a wild cat roaming around.

They put some food but she didn’t show anywhere. And one day they noticed that Bailey was not alone on the porch. They saw how gently the cat and the dog hugged each other. The cat found comfort in Bailey’s arms and vice versa. Bailey acted like a real mother and licked her new friend.

Soon the cat came to visit Bailey more often and teh kind people decided to adopt the cat. Why not having such a wonderful kitten at home? They called her Kitten-Kitten.

Bailey hadn’t have any other feral friends before but now she dealt with Kitten-Kitten very well and they were insaparable friends.

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