Family Is Touched To See Their New Dog Visit The Same Special Place Every Morning

For 17 long and joyful years, Michelle Buckley and her family enjoyed the great companionship of their beloved dog, Burleigh. This adorable little doggie brightened everyone’s day. But regrettably, he went away after a number of years, and her family was both heartbroken and thankful for all the time they had with their beloved pet.


Their affection is still with them over a year after Burleigh was buried in a peaceful spot in the backyard of the family home, even among others they never had the pleasure to meet in person.

The Buckley family recently made the decision that it was time to welcome a new pet into their home, according to The Dodo.


The family quickly discovered that their dogs shared a mystical connection that went beyond anything they knew when Dougie was born shortly after Burleigh passed away.

When Michelle let Dougie out in the backyard in the morning, she started to observe that he would consistently go in the same direction. It was the location of Burleigh’s grave.


Even though Dougie has a huge yard to roam, every morning for approximately one hour, he sits calmly in this spot beside Burleigh’s grave.


The reason Dougie is drawn to this particular place is unknown to the family. Michelle, though, has a hypothesis that the tiny dog is aware that Burleigh is around.

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