Family Feeds Wild Cat; Later, She Returns With Her 4 Kittens

In Montreal, Canada, a cat-loving couple has been doing their part to care for the area’s stray, homeless cats.

Kurt and Melanie have been doing everything they can to aid the needy cats, despite the fact that they are unable to adopt any more cats because they already have too many to care for.

The couple, according to LoveMeow, has been feeding stray and feral cats and even constructing cat shelters in their backyard. Recently, they received confirmation of the value their dedication has brought to the cats they have assisted.

Montréal’s Chatons Orphelins
The house was visited by a timid black stray who helped herself to some food before leaving.

A while later, she returned with her four tiny kittens in tow.

The caring mother of four hoped that whoever had assisted her in obtaining food would also assist her kittens.

Orphelins Chatons Montréal
Melanie and Kurtis were obviously delighted to assist.

The kitties were adorable and brimming with energy. They ran around with their mother, played, and explored their new house.

They adored all the food, shelter, and attention they were suddenly getting, and the cat mom appeared happy with her choice to entrust Kurtis and Melanie with raising the kittens.

The lovable quartet was well taken care of by Kurtis and Melanie while they searched for new owners.

After spending time socializing the kittens, two of them eventually found their forever homes.
Kurt and Mel, honoring their rescuers, are the names given to the two remaining kittens. They are a bonded pair, and as such, they must live together in their future home forever.
They are the cutest and coziest kittens you will ever meet. Since they are so close, it would be ideal if they could be adopted together, Kurtis said in an interview with LoveMeow.

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