Exhausted kid wins hearts with his funny reaction to shoveling snow

It was the second day in a row that school had been canceled due to excessive snow. And, normally, Carter Trozzolo loves snow days.

But this day, the 9-year-old had had enough.

That’s because he was on snow shoveling duty. And boy, was he exhausted!

He was so tired that he would have rather been in school. And you don’t hear that too often from children.

Instead of having a fun snow day like children should have, the third grader was sentenced to snow shoveling duty.

And he didn’t just have to do his own home.

He had to shovel snow for the entire neighborhood. During the activity, Carter was stopped by CTV News and asked a few questions.

His incredibly hilarious response ended up going viral.

He said shoveling all that snow was “tiring… ehhhh.”

He just kept kind of sighing and huffing and puffing while they kept asking him questions.

“Ughh, my God. I’m tired,” he told them.

That video was viewed more than 2 million times in two days.

People as far as Ireland and Australia saw and commented on it.

“His verbal reaction is so innocent, leave it to children,” said one commenter.

“A comedian for life,” said another

“Hope he will rest and live to conquer new challenges and adventures,” and another.

“A lot of us can relate to that amount of exhaustion with everything right now,” Carter’s mom Rachel DiSaia told CTV News. “I think he captured the emotions of many people.”

And that is very true! In addition to all the snow frustation that many people deal with – the world, in general, has been quite tiring too.

“Carter Trozzolo, the hero we didn’t know we needed,” one person commented on Twitter. “We are all Carter Trozzolo. I hear you, kid. I feel you.”

Another great part of the video was his caption.

Underneath his name it didn’t say, “local boy,” “neighbor,” or “student.” It just said “exhausted.”

“We thought that it was going to be a school day but a snow day. There was a lot of snow. Let’s just say that,” Carter said.

Carter was interviewed again after his initial interview went viral. He said that shoveling all that snow made his back hurt.

And yes, he was STILL exhausted.

“I miss my friends, and it’s been a long time,” said Carter.

But Carter wasn’t mad. After he shoveled all that snow, he got time to play. Believe it or not, Carter actually loves snow days.

But many who know Carter say his interview was totally typical of his personality.

“I think I could serve Carter his favourite meal and I would get a similar sigh,” DiSaia said. “It just comes with him.”

Check out Carter’s hilarious viral reaction in the video below, plus you can watch a different interview with him too!

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