Everyone Passes By While Blind Puppy Is Shaking From Hunger And Roaming Back And Forth

Imagine that you are very small in a big, scary world and there is no one to help you! That’s what happened to this baby.

,,It’s heartbreaking to be a little puppy lying on the road, hungry and sick, alone and ignored by everyone. She’s about three months old, in pain, alone and has been through enough in her young life.

I wonder how many people passed by the poor puppy and continued on their way? How many people had the opportunity to save him but didn’t?

There she lay, unconscious on a busy road. The summary continues: ,,She is malnourished and sick. She has spent her life without a home, without proper nutrition and she is desperate. Someone found her in this horrible state trying to cross the road to get food.”

At three months old who endured unimaginable things until a man came to her rescue. He personally went to the starving girl with a chicken. She is so weak and malnourished that she shakes when she walks and you can see every bone in her tiny body.

The trembling puppy smells like food. She realizes there is hope now. Her stomach may now be full. But she still has a long way to go. She needs a home for the rest of his life. Proper veterinary care. And lots of love. The good news is that her rescuer will take her to the vet right away. She will spend as many days under clinical supervision as absolutely necessary to get her health, welfare and weight back on track. The vet thinks she will probably remain blind forever.

We don’t know what will happen to this little girl. Whether her life on the streets has caused permanent damage to her body. But we do know that she will never be alone again. Because her savior is now her new father!

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