Elderly man is practicing the piano when a boogie-woogie master shows up unexpectedly.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow claimed that music is the universal language of humanity. It has never been more clear than in this film, which also features an older guy who cannot be named and Brendan Kavanagh, better known as “Dr. K.”

The elderly guy is alone at a railway station, playing the piano. Despite some observers’ interest, he is content to play the instrument by himself.

Out of nowhere, Brendan Kavanagh shows up and starts playing music with the man. Brendan, also known as “Dr. K.,” starts playing some boogie-woogie piano with the other man.

Brendan beats on the piano while standing near to the person seated. Then, Brendan positions himself to his left and adds the basslines for the tunes. They played together for more than five minutes.

More people are stopping to listen to the raucous, boisterous piano duo playing in the middle of a station. Millions of people have seen the cellphone footage of the incident, which was recorded during the occurrence.

Two strangers meet at a lonely piano and begin to perform music in an almost magical way without saying a word. Brendan regularly asks the man if he knows certain songs as they continue to play.

Brendan has a history of acting in such a way. He may be seen all over the internet, playing the piano with others in railway stations and shopping centers. He joins as many groups as he can to create music and have fun.

Brendan has a Ph.D. in English, which is why he goes by “Dr. K.” He is a British piano teacher of Irish descent. He loves to perform and teach in the boogie-woogie piano style. As is customary for the style, Brendan can be seen improvising songs and riffs with the man in this video.

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