During the Secret Santa surprise, a young single father of seven lost his tongue.

Dakota and Rima Nelson had a wonderful family that was founded on shared beliefs and values. They enjoyed spending time with their seven children and were happy parents.

Rima enjoyed playing volleyball, and her spouse worked part-time at a local church. They built a committed life together. But all they knew in a split second had altered.

Nobody could have anticipated that a sudden occurrence on July 11, 2018, would irrevocably change the life of the Nelson family. The seven-year-kind old’s and devoted mother, whom her sister viewed as a mother, suddenly tragically in their garage.

After spending roughly five minutes outside, Dakota entered the garage to find his 38-year-old wife dead. The father said, “I told my 11-year-old to contact 911 right away,” he recounted.

“We were simply having fun lazing about in the garage. She was virtually on the ground without breathing when I returned.

Rima was in a terrible condition when she was taken to the hospital, and three months later, while still unconscious, she passed away.

The horrific incident forced Rome’s family members to pick up the pieces. Dakota dreaded the future, having to work three jobs to support his family.

Over the 2018 Christmas season, Dakota and his children opened a white present package. They had no idea what was inside.

As a result of Rima’s lack of health insurance, her hospital stay was exceedingly pricey. Fortunately, the family received contributions through the GoFundMe website totalling almost $60,000, allowing them to cover Rima’s medical expenses.

A greater miracle, however, remained to be performed! Following the passing of his wife, the North Fremont High School seminary instructor faced a number of difficulties. Even though they were still mourning their mother’s passing, the family found a reason to smile thanks to their Secret Santa. The stunned widower thanked Secret Santa in a message for the present:

“I struggle to write this because I don’t have the right words. No words can adequately express our gratitude for this kindness. I simply cannot adequately convey our gratitude.

The children also expressed their gratitude to Santa Claus. It’s never easy to lose a loved one. Rima’s untimely departure will live on in the memories of Dakota and his children.

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