Donkey Cries Out Loud And Begs His Dead Friend To Wake Up

It is undeniable that animals have feelings, just like us. In this touching video, a herd of donkeys express their deep sorrow at the untimely death of one of their friends. The excitement, despair and anguish they feel when they see their lifeless friend is truly heartbreaking.

The deceased donkey in this video is Bram, who was a beloved member of the herd before dying of a terrible lung disease. When the herd realizes that their guardian has placed Bram’s body on a sheet, they sense the unhealthy aura in the air. Together they run towards their dead friend and scream in terror as they say goodbye.

The dark brown donkey in this video is the leader of the herd and is also Bram’s best friend. The donkey is inconsolable and refuses, wrapping its claws around Bram’s neck to protect him and biting his stomach to beg him to wake up. The high-pitched cries of grief from the grieving herd make even their emotional guardians weep.

The desperate donkeys cry even louder when they are sure that Bram is no longer with us. Their mourning rituals as they pay their last respects shook our souls to the core.

Rest in peace, my friend. Watch the video below to see a herd of mourning donkeys say a tearful goodbye to Bram.

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