Dog With Broken Leg Leaps Into Woman Arms When He Realizes That She Wants To Help Him

A woman is walking along a deserted country road when she notices movement in the thorn bushes along the road. She looked around and immediately saw an injured dog limping in the dense undergrowth. The wounded and lonely dog was so happy to see her that, despite his painful wounds, he jumped over the bushes and into her arms.

The dog, later named Vlad, looked alarmingly weak and desperately needed help. Knowing she was his only chance for survival, he took her in his arms and jumped into the car with renewed hope. Ilovemydog writes that the poor dog was so hungry that he tried to swallow a pack of napkins in the car.

Vlad was recorded by the rescue group “Howl Of A Dog”. The first veterinary examination revealed that he had double fractures in his paws, probably caused by a hit-and-run driver. His injuries were aggravated by the fact that they were at least a week old, meaning Vlad had been outside alone for a long time, starving and suffering.

Vlad had to undergo emergency surgery to fix problems with his limbs. His rehabilitation was difficult. The staff at the boarding school encouraged him and gave him the strength to fight through the pain and discomfort until he recovered. He continued his education and regained full use of his injured leg and became a beautiful and radiant boy!

Vlad has now found his dream home with a family in Phoenix, Arizona and is living like a prince! His new dad, Curt, has named him ,,Buddy”, which fits perfectly with his friendly and loyal nature. Have a wonderful life Buddy and always have a smile on your face!

Watch the video below to see how Vlad was rescued after being found lame and neglected in the middle of nowhere.

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