Dog was Found Holding a Plastic Bag with Her Dead Puppies Inside

When Paul Skinner cycled down the road on a perfectly regular day he noticed a devastated mother spaniel. The spaniel mother seemed to be in great distress. Her eyes were filled with tears.

Paul went to the dog and find out she was carrying her deceased puppies inside the plastic bag. The three years old dog is named Charly. The plastic bag include shockingly the remains of her puppies.
Paul Skinner reported to the British Borough Council how he recognized the dog on the road. They were looking for the owner of Charly but they found none. The dog licked the fish and chips carrier bag were she kept her dead puppies inside. Nobody can understand how someone can be so devoid of humanity. This is a heinous crime. Paul informed the police, RSCPA and Greyhound Sanctuary. They arrived to assist the bereaved mother.
The kennel Manager at Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary, PCSO Mick Fern, assumes that the babies were born alive. However the long time of abandoning the dog caused the tragic death of the puppies.
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