Dog Traveled 40 Miles To Find His Way Back To The Woman He Loves

A year ago, Seneca Krueger, a psychotherapist, took in Zelda, an apprehensive and frightened dog. The woman has committed herself to accepting rescued dogs and helps them restore their confidence in people so that they may later acquire a permanent home, what Seneca never thought is the trip that tiny Zelda would do to return to her side.

So far the woman has taken care of roughly 30 dogs, but Zelda was a bit of a tricky case.

Seneca told The Dodo:

“She came in with anti-anxiety medicine, Zelda was strolling about. All day she was wandering or hiding ».

During the process of helping Zelda build confidence, the lady saw that the dog felt more confident when she was on a leash, so little by little she began to feel calmer and more secure.

Seneca added:

“When I was home, she was attached to me. Over the course of two weeks of leash training, she had also weaned her off her anti-anxiety medicine, and her speed reduced. She was even willing to come out of hiding alone from her for brief periods of time.”

After two months with Seneca, her family and two other dogs, the dog finally moved her tail, after 4 months she began to play and bark, although sometimes she could be frightened by strange noises or the passage of visitors, but the The woman knew they had made a breakthrough and it was time to let her go.

Seneca said:

As Zelda started to develop a bit more confidence I thought it was time for her to find a permanent home, this is what you’re meant to do as a foster home, help them adjust and then lovingly say goodbye as they move on and live their best life.

Seneca drove her car 40 miles carrying Zelda to her new home, but she didn’t anticipate that it would be a tough effort.

She commented:

“I had to pull over to the side of the road because I couldn’t see through my tears, for the first time in my 12 years of dog foster care I felt like I had handed my puppy ​​away.”

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