Dog Sticks His Head Out Of His Mailbox Every Morning To Greet His Neighbors

When Rigby pops his head out of the house’s input mailbox no one can resist their smile.

Rigby liked to pop to play with the mailbox when he was still a little puppy. Now he is a 1-year-old dog who still loves to pop his head out of the mailbox.

Every morning the curious dog looks from his lovely mailbox and greets every passer-by. The neighbors have already got used to Rigby and wave hello every time they see the poped out head of the dog. But one day the funny dog scared their mailman. This is an usual case of the dog and a mailman as they very often have such problems with the mailbox. However, now everything is ok and Rigby and the mailman have become great friends.

This is how animals get people happy with their trivial tricks and do the most unusual things to surprise them every day.

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