Dog Refused To Separate From His Elephant Friend In His Last Hours Of Life

In the animal kingdom, friendships can develop between all species, and there is no distinction between size and colour. Although there are species that cannot get along because of the order of the food chain. Others have no reason not to bond, especially when they are getting out of difficult situations. They seem to recognize that they have suffered in some way and quickly bond.

Pancake is a very affectionate dog. Somebody rescued him from the streets three years ago and gave him to an elephant sanctuary.

When Katherine Connor, founder and director of BLES, heard about Pancake, she adopted her and brought her to the shelter. She has adapted very well, although she doesn’t look like an elephant at all and of course knows everything.

In fact, it’s not unusual for other BLES animals to be involved in major things that are happening or will happen.

Five years ago, she was rescued from a camp where she was forced to carry tourists on her back. As a result, her spine was severely damaged and in danger of fracturing. Fortunately, he came to BLES at the age of 60. Here he was able to live a quiet life and experience the things he loved. When she arrived, she was exhausted, but the environment helped her to experiment and live a new life.

When Boon Thong arrived, she bonded with another elderly elephant, Sao Noi, who died two years ago. As Sao Noi was dying, Boon Thong accompanied her by standing beside her and stroking her with her trunk to show her that she was accompanied.

It was time for Boon Thong’s to say goodbye to this world, but she wasn’t alone.

Pancake sensed that something was wrong, and when he saw that Boon Thong was not well, he stayed by her side. He simply kept her company, but there was no point in leaving her alone, and eventually Katherine and Pancake agreed to accompany her in her final days. A very exciting task, but one that Boon Thong certainly considered an honour.

On the last day of Boon Thong’s, Pancake and Katherine continue to stay with her. In total for nine hours.

Crepe, with her beautiful heart, never once left Katherine and Boon Thong alone. He knew it was necessary to support her. And he stood still beside the elephant, until sunset, until the last encouragement. Those are the words BLES officials wrote on their social media accounts.

As a tribute, her grave has been decorated with fruit and flowers. In addition, they will lay her body next to her dear friend Saint Noi. In the place where she can finally be happy and live a fulfilling life.

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