Dog Lifts Her Head When She Sees Woman Approaching After Being Chained To Same Spot For 8 Years

Lola the Pitbull was very happy when she found a home with a family. But ilovemydogsomuch writes that the family never accepted the dog. They chained her in the middle of an open garage with no protection from the weather. For eight years they fed her only crumbs and did not even touch her with affection.

As rusty chains wrapped around her, strangling her, Lola did her best to free herself. When she saw a tumor growing on one of her back legs and two larger ones on her chest, she knew the end was near. The poor girl felt defeated and resigned to her fate.

A few months later, a staff member from AMA Animal Rescue became aware of Lola’s situation. When the woman confronted the owner with the fact that she had neglected Lola and kept her locked up, the owner simply asked her to take the dog away. The family was happy to get the dog ,,out of the way”.

We see Lola’s heartbreaking reaction when she is released for the first time in eight years. She cuddled her rescuer as her chains are removed and happily follows her to the shelter. Weakened by years of neglect, Lola’s rescuers made it a priority to remove the tumors and nurse her back to health. After months of intensive treatment, Lola is finally cured and ready for adoption!

Due to her advanced age, Lola was initially rejected many times. In the end a woman named Charlene went head over heels with the dog and agreed to make her her forever mom!

After a long time of grief and pain, the indestructible Lola finally lives like a queen in her new home!

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