Dog Crying near Beach for Attention Hoping Someone Helps Her With Her Newborn Puppies

This scenario took place at a beach near Los Angeles. The dog-mother was waiting near a bush and cried for help. He tried to get attention to receive help from someone at the beach.

Sadly everyone ignored her. People continued to walk by and not provide assistance.

A volunteer from The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation noticed the dog. She realized that the dog is in need and quickly followed her. The dog led her to a spot where her four newborn puppies were laying next to their crying mother.

The little babies were only one week old. Unfortunately they were dirty and infested with fleas. It was straight away clear that they needed help to survive.

,,The mother and her four pups are now safe and getting the help they need. The mother can rest and is a loving mother, for which we are very grateful,” the rescue organization wrote, accompanied by heartwarming photos of the new family.

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